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Soothe-It Naturally ultra pure, ultra absorbent Bath Flakes is great to use in your child's bath. Nothing better than putting back in their bodies what they so need.
Kids will never know your keeping them topped up and healthy. 
Just apply a cup to luke warm water and relax for 20 minutes or so, for a relaxing magnesium experience.
Soothe-It is also available in Gel with Aloe Vera and Pure Liquid form for a topical application.

If you or your children have skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema or just want to keep your skin healthy then magnesium is a great product to use. 
Unlike other products on the market magnesium chloride is a mineral we all have in our bodies that most of us are deficient of and need to replenish. 
Soothe-It Magnesium can also help with restful legs by applying it to the back of your legs as well as putting it on the bottom of your feet before bed to help assist in a good night's sleep.

Treat your body. You're worth it.

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